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Changing Faces Synopsis 

Changing Faces is a documentary that tells the story of Colorado clemency recipient Sean J. Marshall. Sean who after receiving a virtual life of 45-years for armed robbery, was granted clemency 14 years into his sentence.


The film delves into reverberating effects of choices, as it was a series of small choices that ultimately led Sean down the path of armed robbery. And then inversely, how beginning with small choices Sean became a man of renowned character and a leader in the Colorado department of corrections and put himself in a position to receive clemency. The film also traces Sean's journey as he reflects on how he was shaped by the culture of his upbringing. Now, as a free man he is dedicated to transforming that culture for the next generation, aiming to prevent others from treading the same path he once did.

Presented through the firsthand account of someone who has experienced it, this film sheds light on the criminal justice system and its current practices. Sean received a 44 year sentence for his crimes of armed robbery in which he used a BB gun and no one was physically harmed.  When Sean refused a deal in exchange for giving up the names of those who committed the robberies with him, he ended getting more time than most murders in the state of Colorado.  In other words he was made an example of.  The films goal is to advocate for change and educate the audience on issues within today's criminal justice system.


Finally this film seeks to offer a fresh perspective on the lives of incarcerated individuals. By putting a spotlight on the life paths of those who served time alongside Sean and have sense thrived in their reintegration into society, the film emphasizes the potential for redemption positive transformation. It serves to challenges audiences to consider the ways we view and accept those previously and currently incarcerated.  

Principal Photography 2023/24

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Changing Faces began production in January 2023, the weekend Sean was released from prison, and is set to wrap in 2024.  We are currently looking for strategic production partners in both Los Angeles & Colorado. Contact us to get involved!

Partner With Us

 Changing Faces is currently an independently funded production. During our production period we are looking for strategic and like minded partners in producing, funding and distributing the film. We believe Sean has an incredibly powerful story that is going to have a massive social impact. The possibilities of where this film will go, the lives it will touch, and the change it could make in our society excites us beyond measure. To get in contact about partnering with us, send us an email at

Why Partner with Us

As filmmakers, we believe that a documentary is an effective tool to  expose truth and help fulfill the needs of our world . We are devoted to telling compelling  stories that evoke empathy for those who go unseen and unheard. From a daughter forgiving her abusive mother, to a Native American boarding school finding effective ways to educate in the presence of trauma, to a paralyzed surfer defying limitations for those facing disabilities, our team is uniquely experienced in telling stories of individuals who overcame massive obstacles, unknown to so many.

Story Development & ZZYZX parternship

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In 2014, Sean published his debut book, "Changing Faces," followed by his second work, "Discarded Lives," in 2017—both written behind prison bars.  Included in one of the many motivations behind the book was the desire to connect with his daughter. Sean had never spent time with her outside of prison as she was born after his incarceration and subsequent 44-year sentence. Sean dedicated himself to a mission to change lives and live a life of significance, fully aware of the possibility of never witnessing his own release.

In 2022, Sean's path intersects with Dane, a senior at Pepperdine University introduced to him by a family friend and university teacher, Angela Smith. Dane, along with fellow students, created a music video for Sean's song "Rock Bottom" during the summer. This marked the beginning of a six-month dialogue and collaboration between Sean and Dane, culminating in plans for a feature documentary, "Changing Faces," chronicling Sean's story from incarceration to reintegration.

At 23 years old, Dane finds himself at the same age Sean was when arrested and sentenced to 44 years. Dane attaches great significance to this connection. Despite differing backgrounds, Dane feels a bond with Sean and his story. Recollecting not-so-distant moments, Dane, like Sean at the same age, underwent fatherlessness, internal identity conflict (changing faces), the process of understanding what it means to grow up and take responsibility for one's choices, eliminating behaviors that harm oneself and those close, and ultimately aspiring to live for more than oneself, albeit uncertain on how to navigate that path. As the filmmaker present from the inception of "Changing Faces," Dane aspires to fulfill Sean's hope of inspiring the next generation, of which Dane himself is a part, to think bigger and comprehend the power of choices.

In February 2023, after completing developing the story, Changing Faces partnered with the production company ZZYZX Films, with Mark Jacobs, the company's founder, joining as co-director and co-producer alongside Dane.  Mark's extensive industry experience brought invaluable insights to the film. The two share common ground, including their faith in God, the desire to push each other creatively, and a commitment to continually examining the film's creation from new perspectives. Grateful for the Zzyzx partnership, Changing Faces acknowledge its role in elevating the film to new heights.

The Filmmakers

 A special thanks to the following people who have supported the film thus far with their time, talents and support

Angela Smith - Development 

Nolan Ause - Camera Operator/Gear Donations

Gabbatha Hall - Camera Operator

Autumn Gallentine - Music 

Lonny Gallentine - Music 

Cathy Andrews - Production Accountant

Dawson Storrs - Production Assistant

Vivian Hsia - Concept Art

Zone Highlands Fitness - Location

Production Gallery

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